Epidermoid Tumors

Epidermoid tumors, also known as cholesteatomas or pearly tumors, are intracranial growths that appear as cysts in neuroimaging. These tumors are formed in the early weeks of fetal development although it’s often decades later when the first symptoms occur.

Signs and symptoms of epidermoid tumors

Symptoms vary depending on the location of the epidermoid tumor. When located on the brain, symptoms can include:
  • Headache, imbalance, strength issues
  • Vision problems, cranial nerve abnormalities
  • Hydrocephalus

Treatment and Prognosis

How we can help

While microneurosurgery is the standard technique to treat epidermoid tumors, there are new innovative and minimally invasive techniques GHNC uses which may be appropriate for you depending on the location of the tumor:


GHNC cares for many patients with these types of tumors which require neurosurgical attention. To discuss your treatment options, or for further diagnosis, please contact us today and schedule a consultation.

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