Failed Back Syndrome

Also known as the post-laminectomy syndrome,

Failed Back Syndrome is described as chronic and extreme pain that occurs after spinal surgery that was ineffective or multiple spinal surgeries. Tests are required to make a proper diagnosis and to be certain no additional underlying issues are present that could be corrected with surgery.

It is important that you understand the distinction between Failed Back surgery syndrome and the general pain and stiffness one suffers after the first few weeks of having spine surgery.


Obvious symptoms are persistent and chronic and not associated with the normal healing process. These include:
  • New level of pain
  • Not recuperating
  • Restricted movements
  • Sharp, stabbing pain in back
  • Back spasms
  • Numbness and/or pain radiating into legs
  • Sleeplessness/depression

How we Treat Failed Back Syndrome

How we can help

Most often treatment for Failed Back Syndrome is non-surgical and consists of medication, physical therapy and other pain management.

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