Brain Treatments


Brain Path

The NICO BrainPath technology is used to treat patients with subcortical brain abnormalities such as tumors and hemorrhages.

Gamma Knife

Stereotactic radiosurgery, also known as Gamma Knife, is a preferred method of radiation therapy used to treat tumors and other abnormalities and dysfunctions in the brain.


This minimally invasive surgical procedure in which a narrow tube with a lens and light source is inserted into a small opening in the body cavity.


Stereotactic Laser Induced Thermotherapy was developed as a minimally invasive therapy for the ablation of soft tissue lesions in adults and pediatrics.

Spine Treatments


Artificial Discs

Cervical artificial disc replacement is a newer surgical option that replaces the damaged painful disc with the prosthetic implant to maintain motion but relieve the pain.


Lateral lumbar interbody fusion or XLIF is a minimally invasive procedure performed by accessing the space between the spinal disc on the patient’s side.

Non-Operative Treatments


Non Operative Care

The role of a neurosurgeon is multi-faceted and although surgery plays a large role, this is only part of what we do. GHNC makes a special effort to see and evaluate our patients.


Neuropsychological evaluations will help diagnose both your strengths and weaknesses to provide adequate treatment recommendations.