Brain Path (NICO)

GHNC was among the first in North America and the first in the Houston area to integrate BrainPath (NICO) technology as well as new advancements to treat patients with subcortical brain abnormalities such as deep tumors and bleeds.

During this minimally invasive surgery, our neurosurgeons are able to move safely through the natural folds in the brain, providing a safe, stereotactically guided path to reach the abnormality. The size of the opening is small enough to allow a smooth entrance that minimizes brain retraction while protecting the patient from neurological deficits and allows access to previously unreachable areas of the brain.

Conditions Treated include

  • Various Tumors
  • Brain hemorrhages

Patient Benefits

  • A minimally invasive option which means faster recovery from surgery
  • Preserved brain function needed for short-term memory and abilities
  • Allows a surgeon to go deeper toward the center of the brain to treat areas previously considered inoperable
In Summary


Conventional thinking was that people with large blood clots or bleeding strokes should not be operated on because surgery would have caused too much damage to the healthy parts of the brain. BrainPath makes surgery possible because it allows access to deep seated locations while minimizing retraction to surrounding brain tissue.

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