Often requested by your doctor, neuropsychological evaluations will help diagnose both your strengths and weaknesses to provide adequate treatment recommendations.

Neuropsychology is a specialty that focuses only on brain function, specifically concentrations, language skills, visual processing, learning and memory and also problem solving.

Conditions Treated

  • Any brain condition that has affected cognitive behavior and functionality
  • Memory Issues
  • Head injury/ Concussion

Patient Benefits

  • Better, more clear diagnosis
  • Allows most effective treatment to be assigned
In Summary


Most evaluations take 4-6 hours, starting with medication history and symptom review. We suggest you bring a close friend or family member to provide additional information that will help you with our diagnosis. Please take all medications as usual the day of your evaluation.

A report of our findings will be generated and sent to your referring doctor, with recommendations we’ve made for your treatments. We ask you to bring glasses and hearing aids if worn, lunch or snacks if coming alone, and any and all pertinent medical records.

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