Stereotactic Laser Induced Thermotherapy (LITT) was developed as a minimally invasive therapy for the ablation of soft tissue lesions in adults and pediatric brain patients.

While stereotactic radiosurgery and /or brain radiation therapy manage most patients brain metastases, many experience symptomatic radiographically re-growing lesions may require additional treatment.

Conditions Treated

  • Soft tissue lesion removal
  • Treatment of epilepsy focus

Patient Benefits

  • Improved safety and efficiency when treating such lesions
  • Minimal disruption to adjacent soft tissues
  • Less discomfort for patients
  • Faster recovery time
In Summary


GHNC focuses on minimally invasive procedures in neurosurgery and advances in technology of the past few decades that are just as effective as conventional surgery but with less discomfort and a quicker return to normal functionality.

LITT is one of those procedures, and it has proven to be a safer alternative for our patients. LITT is performed using the Visualase system with follow up MRI imaging to determine treatment responses.

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