Using light to heat and destroy unwanted cells, laser ablation surgery is often used to remove tumors and other lesions and also in the treatment of epilepsy.

MRI guided laser ablation is minimally invasive and has been used for decades to treat various condition of the body, but thanks to recent advances, neurosurgeons can now use the innovative treatment to perform brain surgery.

MRI guided laser ablation

Conditions Treated

  • Epliepsy
  • Tumor Removal

Patient Benefits

  • Significantly faster recovery time
  • Smaller incision compared to traditional surgery
  • Patients are usually discharged the following day
In Summary


With Visualase, our neurosurgeons use ‘magnetic resonance imaging’ as they place a thin laser probe in the brain and view images on a computer screen to see precisely what is being treated. This makes this treatment highly accurate.

Doctors will often recommend laser ablation to patients whose medicine is no longer controlling their seizures or when lesions are so deep that conventional surgery is too risky. Visualase was FDA approved in 2010 and patients have expressed immediate improvement and control that has lasted from several months and up to a year.

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